About Us

About Me

My name is Claire and I am a 30 year old first time Mum. I live with my boyfriend of 9 years and our rescue cat Elvie. I am totally clueless about parenthood and my partner James (or as we all call him Jimmy) is just the same. I set up this blog when I was 18 weeks pregnant to keep a diary of our journey into parenthood. So much has happened already I wish I had started sooner. I want to offer a real and honest account of what it means to become new parents. I blog about my pregnancy, the various products we buy, our experiences and generally everything to do with being first time parents. Sorry if I get a bit sweary, I'm working on it!

I am a qualified dance teacher and gained my PGCE in Post Compulsory Training and Education in 2014. I also have a Masters Degree in Dance Theatre for which I studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance and an BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

I do not consider myself in any way a 'mumsy' type, I very rarely get broody and the thought of attending a mother and baby group is almost as terrifying to me as the birth itself. The vast majority of my friends in the past have been pint necking blokes who I have met through many torturous years in hospitality. Although I love to be girly and slap on a pair of heels and go dancing not many girls make it into my circle of friends. I believe my extended time with male friends has caused me to be somewhat vulgar at times and my language can also get a bit fruity, so sorry if I offend anyone, this is not my intention. 

Working with me

I am happy to accept and review any product that is relevant to us. Any reviews will be written with honest opinions from Jimmy, the baby and myself. I am happy to consider any PR opportunities, competitions or sponsored posts that may be appropriate to this blog. If a post is sponsored it will be clearly noted as such. To discuss any potential reviews, sponsored posts or competitions please email me at clairejennawright@gmail.com 

About Jimmy

Jimmy is 31 and works as a supervisor in a facilities maintenance call centre in Derby. Everyone loves him and his easy going take on life. He is always smiling and is very chilled about most things in life. I like to tease him and say he is the man with a 1000 hobbies, he likes to clay pigeon shoot, play with his archery set, drinking with his mates, go fishing, ride his road bike, canoe and go to the gym. These hobbies do however come and go and are usually dependent on the weather. I am not how how many of these he will be pursuing when the baby comes but I guess thats a post of it own. 

About Elvie

Elvie is our first baby cat. We adopted her from the RSPCA in October 2013. Elvie was my Christmas present from Jimmy as he was stuck for what to get me. Jimmy never wanted a cat but I had been desperate for a long time. We both instantly fell in love with her after we had been to 'look' around. Jimmy had massively softened to the idea and we almost came home with two kittens! Our beautiful Elvie was found by the RSPCA all alone in a wheelie bin and she had been in foster care due to a lack of space at the shelter. Elvie was originally called Little Vera, although cute we didn't really like the name. We kept the initials LV and so the name Elvie was born. 

Elvie is a tiny cat who is into everything, she loves to chew our post, sleep, wiggle into tiny boxes and paper bags, catch lasers, bring us leaves, chase and eat flies & moths and potter around the garden. She always stays in the garden and is not very adventurous, but we like it, it means we can keep a close eye on her.