Friday, 29 August 2014

Knocked Up and Unemployed #2 Shamed in my PJ's!

It's astonishing how easy it is to become settled into being out of work although I am constantly bored out of my mind. This is the first time in my life that I haven't had something going on, being either work or some kind of education. This is part of the reason I decided to write this blog, to keep me sane. After weeks of job hunting, watching Jeremy Kyle (or more recently Judge Rinder, which is my favourite crap TV at the moment) and pottering around the house I thought my brain had left me out of sheer disgust. 

I was getting up anywhere between 9-11 have breakfast, watch crap TV, clean up, have lunch, chat to my Mum on the phone (she lives 2 hours away) shower, make dinner, watch TV with Jimmy then go to bed. It was driving me insane! Blogging has given me focus, a diary to look back over and chance to give non-academic writing a go. It is just so easy to doss around all day, you can't really go anywhere because you end up spending and with the baby on the way, I just can't bring myself to do it. The amount of days were I have still been in my PJ's at 3 in the afternoon are far to many to count and yes I am a bit ashamed to share that info with you. 

Anyway this morning (11:00) I am making a cup of tea and realise Jimmy hasn't put the bin out. This is not exclusively his job but he normally does it before he goes to work. I am in my PJ's you know the ones, the ones we all have a pair of. Old covered in holes but are just too comfy to chuck away. I am wearing a T-shirt that has a monster on it and says "I Live Under Your Bed" and my grey bottoms that are covered in butterflies and holes. I obviously don't have a bra on either. My curly hair is all over the place like a tatty lions mane and I am covered in spots due to my pregnancy hormones (this glow thing is bullshit by the way). I look down at myself and wonder if I should quickly get changed before putting the bin out. I decide if I am quick no one will see me. Wrong!

This pretty much sums up how I looked!

I throw on my flowery pumps just to add to my crazy cat lady look and as soon as I step out of the door so do my next door neighbours. I was genuinely mortified! They say 'hello' all cheerily and I respond with an appropriate amount of cheeriness even though I am dying inside. Then their little Jack Russell (Alan) runs out and is around my ankles and they are trying to get him back in. I am laughing nervously saying "Oh hello you! hehehe." Then the newly moved in next door but one come out to get in their car and say 'hello!' I muster a 'hiya' and practically run back inside the house. 

They must all think I am a total scumbag, I never see our neighbours, ever. Whenever I leave the house it is ALWAYS, with a full face of make up and looking decent. Even if I'm just popping to Tesco's. When I got back in I looked at myself in the mirror, shook my head and had a chuckle to myself. I haven't been that embarrassed for a long time!

Have you had any embarrassing run in's with your neighbours, let me know!

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