Friday, 10 October 2014

51 Things I Have Googled While Pregnant

I am practically glued to my iPhone and rely heavily on Google for answers for stupid questions I have about life. My use of Google has increased significantly since I found out I was pregnant. I thought it would be a bit of a laugh to look through the browsing history on my phone just to see what I needed to know and felt the need to Google it right there and then.

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I pride myself on having a calm and collected appearance about most things and try to act chilled in almost all circumstances. This is a facade. I do worry about daft stuff and this just proves it, the history on my phone goes back to when I was 11 weeks pregnant and is dated beginning the 3rd of July.

I will share ALL pregnancy related questions starting with the earliest 'Googles' first. I will leave out all product googles otherwise we will be here all day! Thank god for Google otherwise my midwife would actually hate me, I'd be calling her all the time to ask daft stuff!

1) "11 weeks pregnant bump" - Pretty standard Googling.

2) "Top pregnancy cravings" - Still not had any, is it weird I am disappointed?

3) "Morning sickness" - About a million websites trying to find a cure, hint, there isnt one!

4) "First trimester scan what happens?" - Standard Googling.

5) "When to move baby into own room?" - Perhaps wait until he actually arrives?

6) "Dizzy when at heights during pregnancy?" - Humm not sure about this one. 

7) "Pregnancy due date calculator" - Standard Googling.

8) "Fun things to do while pregnant" - I was obviously not having much fun when asking this!

9) "Things to do before getting pregnant" - Buy a house, get married, learn to drive. Shit shit shit!

10) "Baby development at 12 weeks" - Standard Googling.

11) "Nicknames for baby bumps" - They were all peanut. I wanted to be original so chose Squish.

12) "Can I eat calamari while pregnant" - Thinking of food, if cooked then yes.

13) "Can I eat prawns when pregnant" - Still thinking of food, if cooked then yes.

14) "When will I feel my baby move?" - Standard Googling.

15) "Baby names for girls" - We could think of loads for boys but none for girls, maybe deep down we always knew?

16) "14 weeks pregnant" - Standard Googling.

17) "Sex of a baby visible at 13 weeks?" - We were so desperate to know!

18) "Mood swings while pregnant" - I must have been starting to get stroppy.

19) "How to stop being moody while pregnant" - Answer, you can't just ride it out!

20) "Can my cat tell i'm pregnant" - If she can, she aint bothered! 

21) "Morning sickness 13 weeks" - What happened to "it stops at 12 weeks" nope, it doesn't!

22) "Tired at 15 weeks pregnant" - It's going to get so much worse when baby comes!

23) "Stories to read to your bump" - Does putting music on your phone on top of your bump count?

24) "Baby bump cold?" - Maybe chuck on a jumper?

25) "Stabbing pain in stomach when pregnant?" - Ahh round ligament pain I don't miss that. Not one bit, it still sometimes happens but not nearly as much as it did early on. 

26) "Sneezing hurts my uterus" - Yep it'll do that.

27) "Piles at 16 weeks pregnant?" - Thats one mistake I will never make again. I thought they would just go away on their own after a day or two. Wrong!

28) "Best position to feel baby move" - Standard Googling.

29) "When can I stop breastfeeding?" - I wasn't keen on the idea from the off.

30) "Lemsip when pregnant?" - Nope, you can't have it. In fact you can't have anything that will make you feel better. Can't wait til I get the inevitable winter cold :(

31) "Sore hips when pregnant" - Standard Googling.

32) "Will leaning on my stomach hurt my baby?" - Standard Googling.

33) "Morning sickness 18 weeks" - I didn't realise I had it for so long!

34) "Is talc bad for babies" - I knew it was, I was settling an argument with Jimmy with this one!

35) "How to stop the cat sleeping on the baby's face" - We might need a cat net, she is in to everything for the baby at the minute. I'm just hoping she stays away from all his crying. 

36) "Can my baby taste the foods I eat?" - Well I don't want a fussy eater so the earlier I can him to like fruit and veg the better! 

37) "Dry lips when pregnant normal?" - Answer, yep pass the chapstick. 

38) "Benefits of formula feeding" - This may have been the point I was on the edge of deciding to bottle feed, but that's another post all together.

39) "How much formula in a week?" - As above.

40) "Breastfeeding creepy?" - Ohhh this one could start wars!

41) "Swollen heel when pregnant?" - Well that's what you get when you walk for miles on worn down flat shoes!

42) "What are babygrows and vests called now?" - This was asked after a very confused trip clothes shopping for the baby. It turns out vests are now called bodysuits and babygrows are now called sleepsuits.

43) "Indigestion and heartburn prevention?" - Answer, eat what you want and plough through a pack of Rennies!

44) "Will a teaching agency find me work while pregnant?" - I decided not to find that one out and just hold on for a couple of weeks until maternity. 

45) "Can you push with an epidural?" - In all honesty I'm still not 100% on this, it's top of my list of questions for my midwife next week. 

46) "Do Costco Leicester have a toilet? - A weak bladder day, and I don't know, I never made it that far.

47) Frequent urination while pregnant?" - Yep, that sounds about right, when baby lies a certain way I almost we myself. Great. 

48) Can I eat mussels when pregnant?" - I saw so much conflicting advice about this one so I didn't bother in the end. 

49) "Can I paint while pregnant?" - Yep, just don't get up a ladder, for obvious reasons. 

50) "Will my boobs go back to normal size after birth?" - I bloody well hope so! Although every response varied on this one. 

51) "No stretch marks at 25 weeks pregnant, will they come?" - Again, one where everyone is different and no definitive answer was given. I'll let you know, when I know. 

That was a fun post to write and I feel like I have learnt loads since the 3rd of July! I have a feeling that this may be the first in a series of 'stuff I've googled' posts, it's always good to have a chuckle at just how daft you are.

What did you have to google that made you smile recently? Please comment below! 


  1. I love seeing what people google! I think most of those I probably googled in pregnancy too! x

  2. Oh you just made me chuckle - I'm so glad I didn't do this exercise when I was pregnant - heaven knows what silly questions I asked!

    1. Thank you, I have calmed down a lot with my Googling at the minute, but I think I will have to do a part 2 when baby arrives, I'm sure I'll have a million questions! x