Thursday, 21 August 2014

Week 18 of Pregnancy

So here I am embarking on week 18 of pregnancy. Every Thursday I flick though the various apps on my phone to check on the baby's development and to see what size it is. This week I discover my baby is the size of a bell pepper. This use of fruit and veg to explain the size of the baby absolutely baffles my boyfriend James. "Why can't they use a variety of stuff, like it's the size of a DVD or something? Why is it always food?" No matter how many times I explain that everyone knows how big a bell pepper is, he just doesn't get it. Maybe he should write a book or app for fathers using tools as size indicators? 

I am still feeling a tiny bit nauseous in the mornings but it is nothing compared to the first trimester. I do however feel a bit cheated by all those people/apps/books that say this stops after 12 weeks. I understand that the placenta takes control and hormone levels can return to normal therefore can clear up the morning sickness (or if you are unlucky like me, morning, afternoon & evening sickness) but for me this was simply not the case. For example on Tuesday (17 week pregnant) I was happily scoffing down a lovely brunch (I woke up late) of fried eggs, wholemeal toast, beans and mushrooms when with only a seconds warning threw the entire lot up. Nothing had turned my stomach, I felt fine and was enjoying my brunch. 

So don't be fooled like I was and thought as soon as I had turned 12 weeks this would all stop. It doesn't. There is no magical Cinderella switch that says "thats it she has had enough, she is 12 weeks pregnant time to stop this silliness." It does however get much easier, you just need to sift through the mountains of advice and find what works for you.