Saturday, 13 September 2014

Will You Be Alright On Your Own?

He asks "will you be alright on your own?" I respond with "I'm sure I'll cope" Jimmy is off to spend the night with one of his best buds, one he met while he was at University. I was also invited but declined due to it becoming a bromance fest when they get together. It always involves lots of alcohol, nudity and daft behaviour that I generally give disapproving looks to, you know the one, the one that involves the eyebrow raise.

I thought I would sit this one out as I didn't think I would be much fun and would let him have a 'boys night' as I am sure there won;t be many of those happening when the baby boy comes in January. When I said I would pass Jimmy immediately said "right well in that case, I might as well take my bow and arrow and my blow up canoe." We have here ladies and gentleman the man of a thousand hobbies with a dash of Peter Pan syndrome.

I spotted his lovely watch that his mum got for his Birthday last month and said "are you seriously taking your nice watch?" I got "yeah why?" as a response. Feeling somewhat mumsy, which I hate I reminded him of the stupid things they have gotten up to in the past. One example is the game 'climb the burning wooden ladders' you get the gist of how they behave together. He said "you are probably right" and left it on the table.

So as he was packing all his toys in to his boot he looked to me and asked me again "are you sure you will be alright?" bless him. I said "sure" thinking I actually can't wait to spend some time on my own. It may sound harsh but I am actually looking forward to it, I quite enjoy my own company. 

I have a deep pan pepperoni pizza in the fridge and I am about to head to Tesco's to get more treats. I will finally be able to sit in peace stuffing my face watching Xfactor without him ruining it with his "this is so shit" "I can't believe you watch this crap" comments every 2 minutes. I will be able to starfish in bed and research all the baby stuff we need. I know it sounds sad but I love to organise and know where I am with that kind of stuff. Tomorrow I might watch a 80's classic like The Goonies or Who Framed Roger Rabbit and generally veg out. 

So yes love, I will be alright on my own. You go play with your friends and I am going to enjoy spending some quality time with me, myself and I.