Thursday, 9 October 2014

Week 25 of Pregnancy

I've missed a week! I am really annoyed at myself for not taking the time to post about week 24 last Thursday. I was going to do it at the weekend but then we decided to paint the nursery and assemble all the furniture and time just slipped away from me. But I am back with week 25. My baby is now roughly 34 cm long (13.5 inches) which is bigger than a footlong from Subway! He is about the size a swede or as Americans call it a rutabaga, which is rather fun to say!

This week I have started to get some upper back pain when I stay still too long, normally when I am eating dinner because we don't have a table. We use trays but this is becoming increasingly difficult with my bump in the way! The pain is manageable for now but if it gets really bad I'll just have to eat at my desk. I'm going to try to find a preggo yoga video to do at home to see if it helps. 

As I said last weekend we (well, Jimmy) painted the nursery and build the cot, wardrobe and chest of draws. We also have a changing table and double sofa bed in the nursery so we can still have guests over until Squish is in there full time when he is 6 months old. It's currently a squeeze and when we have guests over we will have to re-arrange the room and move out the cot and changing table. It makes sense that we use it as dual purpose room until little one is ready to be on his own (or I am ready to let him go). 

As we have had a big shift around I have had to change my weekly bump picture location to my bedroom mirror, the lights not great in there but all my other mirrors are way too high to get a good pic, thats one of the joys of living with a man who is 6ft 2"!

I have been a terrible blogger recently and have been lacking in inspiration about posts. My thought process has been I'd rather not post anything, than post crap that is boring. So I'm setting aside some time to come up with posts and trying to become a little more organised.

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