Thursday, 30 October 2014

Week 28 of Pregnancy

This week I enter into my third trimester and I am starting to feel absolutely huge! I am getting out of breath doing little things and struggle to dry my hair (it's curly I have to tip my head upside down and use a defuser). Baby is now around 38cm long and weighs roughly 1kg (2.2 lbs). The baby is around the size of a large aubergine (or eggplant).

This week has been relatively quiet but I have lots going on next week. Jimmy and I start our 'parentcraft' classes on Tuesday and I see the midwife on Wednesday. She will be taking blood this time around so I'm not really looking forward to that. I always end up with a massive bruise and it takes ages because "I'm tight with my blood." I am looking forward to parentcraft classes though, should be interesting to learn more about the birth and labour. 

So not too much to report this week, should have lots to post about next week though :)

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