Friday, 26 June 2015

My Hungry Boy

I have been weaning Jake full time for a week now and I am amazed how well he has taken to it. He is only 5 months old but I knew he was ready. I've been giving him little tastes of things since he was 15 weeks old (naughty Mummy, I know).

His favourites so far include squash, mixed vegetable, cauliflower cheese, apple, pear and banana.

I'm so proud of my baby boy! I don't even mind that I get covered in pureĆ© twice a day. 

Here he is enjoying his first taste of cauli cheese and even though he has been full of cold he scoffed it down.

I'm so excited to try him on lots of different flavours. I'm going tupperware shopping over the weekend too so I can start to make his food myself and save a fortune.


  1. tupperware is king when weaning. i think giving them 'real food' early on stops them being fussy eaters when their older. great post #thisweekiveloved

  2. Oh that will be good then, I'm dreading him being a fussy eater. I wonder if he will like my food as much as he jars? xxx

  3. Oh wow! You can totally tell how much he's loving it by the cheeky little look on his face!! It's such a new and exciting journey to embark upon - have fun and gets lots of washing powder and floor mops!! Hehehehe. Thanks so much for linking up with our very first #ThisWeekIveLoved Steph xxx

    1. He is a very cheeky boy Steph! He is full of personality already. I've already realised that my cheap stain remover is not up to the job. Time to stock up on the good stuff lol. Thanks for hosting such a lovely and positive linky #ThisWeekIveLoved x