Monday, 27 July 2015

My Reading Habits and Why They Must Change

When I think about reading I automatically think of my Grannie coming home from the library on a Saturday afternoon with an enormous stack of books. She loved to read and would plough through books like there was no tomorrow. I wonder what she would have thought about Kindles and eBooks.

As a child I loved to read and always read at high level at junior school. I remember reading my Mum's sociology books in year 5 and trying to make sense out of it. My biggest reaction to any Christmas present I received (as my Mum tells me) was for a big pink Roald Dahl book containing The BFG, Georges Marvellous Medicine and Matilda. I remember sitting and reading it over and over. Reading is something that I tend to do online now. My reading habits tend to be exclusively reserved for news, Mumsnet advice, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I can't remember the last time I picked up a book for enjoyment. Maybe 5 years at uni has put me off? From this moment on I intend to make time for reading in my daily life. The last holiday we had I got through about 4 books a week and I loved it. 

I feel I need to set a good example and get Jake into the habit of reading actual books. He is 5 months old and already owns almost 40 books. I try to read to him at least three times a day and I am always amazed that at such a young age he is prepared to sit and listen to me (I do a fab Gruffalo voice!). To read is such an important part of life and I think it is crucial that Jake enjoys reading a variety of things not just endless online articles like his parents!

With the advancement of technology I wonder how and what Jake will be reading when he is older, but I can rest assured that he will have childhood memories of reading a beautifully illustrated book. A book he can hold, something tangible and lovely.