Monday, 25 August 2014

Big Impulse Buy - Kiddiecare

A friend of ours told Jimmy on Saturday that Kiddiecare in Nottingham is closing down and having a huge clearance sale. So we decided to go check it out and just have a look. They most definitely are closing down. I would say 3/4 of the store was empty and we wished we had gone sooner to grab some bargains. We have a few large items for the baby sorted already but still have lots to get. We didn't really know what we were looking at most of the time and there was a frantic atmosphere in the shop because it was pretty busy. 

We had a saunter round and came across the cots, something we are yet to buy. Now I want all white furniture in the nursery so that narrowed down our choice significantly. There were only two white cots avaliable. One had drop down sides and the other had three adjustable heights. I just wished there was one with both because they were a steal at 50% off. Then a white cot caught me eye, it was in the entrance of the shop and I headed over leaving a bewildered looking Jimmy behind.

It was the Anna Cot and it was perfect. Sturdy, simple, white, drop down sides and with three adjustable heights. It was reduced to £47! I could not believe it. I summoned Jimmy over and told him I thought it was great. He took one look at the price grabbed a trolled and wedged in the huge flat pack box. 

When we got home I looked up the cot online to read any reviews it might have. I discover that not only does it have excellent reviews but it's online price is £144. We saved a huge £97. It may look a bit dull and boring but I don't like fussy or ornate cots. I think they look so pretty with all the bedding on anyway that nothing else is needed. Our nursery will be fairly small so I didn't want anything to overbearing in the room. 

Needless to say I am thrilled with our cot and I finally feel like we are making a dent in the big things we need.