Monday, 25 August 2014

"I Can't Have Anything!"

I often joke and say "I can't have anything in this house!" This usually refers to Jimmy ploughing through a multipack of crisps the day I got them, the cat pestering me for my dinner and more recently Jimmy using my stretch mark moisturiser. At one point I even considered hiding my pregnancy supplements in case Jimmy decided he needed a folic acid boost. So this morning I was sat at my desk in my spare room/soon to be nursery and thought I would be safe with half a pink grapefruit. Wrong! 

I couldn't believe that she would be interested in it, I thought cats hated citrus fruits. So I called her bluff. I picked a bit off and offered it to her thinking she would turn up her nose and run away. Wrong!

She ate it! I only gave her a tiny bit as you can see, but I am stunned. She eats all kind of random stuff including bits of pear, kidney beans and grapes. Maybe it's because she was abandoned in a bin as a kitten and she had to survive on what she found. I don't know but she is given wet food every day and biscuits to snack on in the day and at night and has been since we have had her last November, so she is definitely not hungry, just bizarre.

I do love her weird ways, it's going to be a nightmare trying to keep her away from little one's dinner when s/he comes! Does your cat have any weird tastes when it comes to food?