Friday, 22 August 2014

Squish loves to boogie!

I am feeling a little groggy today after being kept up half the night by the little one (Squish) having a good old fashioned dance last night. I might have to change our nickname to disco-baby! It was so adorable and sweet to feel the movements so it's hard to feel grumpy, although truth be told I am still sat in my PJ's at half past three in the afternoon, the joys of being unemployed eh! I am pretty sure that the baby will be properly kicking soon as I feel loads of wiggling, flipping and the occasional foot in my ribs. Jimmy it desperate to feel baby move and spends most of his time with his hands on my belly asking my bump "are you a boy?"

Disco time!
I just can not wait for my 20 week scan in two weeks to find out the sex of this active one. It will be so amazing to finally be able to start organising nursery decorations and clothes. I am pretty sure either way this will be one spoilt baby! We know so many people who have had babies and can not move for the offer of baby stuff. I sometimes feel bad saying "we have already sorted that" or "we were going to get that new" and I truly hope I don't come off as some snotty nosed ungrateful princess. 

We have accepted a fair bit but I also think it's nice to go through the process of shopping, researching and finding out what it is we like and want. As a couple we are both utterly useless at this baby thing and I think that process makes us feel like we are learning for ourselves what it is we need to do. 

I suppose everyone must feel like that in the beginning though, there is so much to find out and learn. I think it's going to be the most exciting and terrifying experience ever!

photo credit: <a href="">Aaron Dieppa</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>