Saturday, 23 August 2014

Maternity Clothes

Today I decided to bite the bullet and get myself into town for some more maternity clothes. I have already got two maternity tops that I managed to grab for a bargain price of a fiver each in the New Look sale. I also got some 3/4 jeans half price (£8) in the Peacocks sale a couple of weeks ago. 

So as you can my maternity wardrobe needs a little love. This shopping trip has an emphasis on jeans. Until this week I have managed to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans but not anymore. My bump is pushing out a little more and the old jeans are being retired. I have decided to go for 'over bump' jeans as I think they make my bump look tidy and I like the way they hold in everything at the sides (my muffin top). 

Us pregnant ladies of Loughborough are not really spoilt for choice when it comes to maternity wear. We have two options of New Look and Peacocks. Both of which only hold very small collection. I could have braved a trip into either Nottingham or Leicester but I didn't have that in me today. I don't drive and each city is about 45 minute bus journey away, so Lough was my only option. I must confess that I have always been a bit of New Look girl as I find the clothes very affordable and a good fit for me. I wish I could say the same for Primark but the clothes never seem to sit right on me. I am short and curvy so clothes shopping in general is a bit of a nightmare and is always low on my to do list. 

I hit New Look first and grab some tops and jeans in my 'normal' size and a size above just be sure. I am absolutely thrilled to say that the size above buried me and I needed my normal size in both jeans and tops. I found the jeans really comfy and the pouch bit had tons of room for my bump to grow. They only had them in denim in store but I am going to see if them have them in black online now I know my size. They have a fairly large maternity selection online and if items are not right you can just pop them back to the shop. I bought the jeans and a top too, I would have loved to get more stuff but the limited selection didn't take my fancy. I think shopping online may be the way forward from now on.  
New Look Maternity Blue Authentic Faded Overbump Skinny Jeans £22.99

New Look Maternity Blue Stripe Short Sleeve Tunic £8.99

Unfortunately Peacocks had nothing to offer this time around. They still have a fair bit of Summer stuff on sale and they have not added any Autumn/Winter lines yet. I have never considered myself as fashionable and don't keep up with the latest trends. I never had, even as a teenager I wasn't too bothered about what I wore. In some ways I am finding it easier to dress for my shape because it is being specifically tailored for. I will keep you up to date with any further maternity purchases.