Saturday, 6 September 2014

20 Week Scan

I was so excited to have my 20 week scan I could barely contain myself. I was so desperate to find out the sex of my baby, it was almost unbearable. Jimmy wanted a boy so much and I had convinced myself it was a girl (I even had a girls nursery set picked out from Mothercare). 

We had a bit of an ordeal on the way into Leicester. Jimmy drove over a speed bump and I almost had a little accident. This is the first time I had experienced and toilet problems and I was cursing myself for only remembering to do my pelvic floor exercises about once every 2/3 days. I told Jimmy we needed to stop and go back. I think he thought I was joking until I said very firmly and perhaps a little aggressively "Jimmy, I'm going to piss myself in your car, on your seats if you go over one more speed bump!" We pulled in to a McDonalds. Jimmy got himself a milkshake and I rushed to the loo. 

I felt a little relived but not fully. So I exercised my pelvic floor all the way into Leicester. When we arrived at the shopping centre I 'went' again. We wandered around and picked up some bits. We must of only been about 20 minutes then we headed to the hospital. Now I have been told that Leicester Royal is a nightmare to park in. It is true. The car park was full and it was one in on out. Luckily we were car No.4 and we only waited for about 10 minutes, although this made us late for our appointment. We finally managed to get a spot after driving around the car park for a further 5 minutes. 

Now in the Royal, the buildings have names, not names describing the purpose of the building hahaha! No! That would be far too easy! They have names like Balmoral and Kensington. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the antenatal clinic and followed Jimmy around this enormous hospital. I must say at this point I was mardy. Really mardy. Jimmy usually has a terrible sense of direction and I was convinced he was leading us the wrong way. My mardyness reached new heights when he smugly turned to me and said "see, there it is I told you so" I could have punched his smug face in right then and there. But I didn't because I needed to pee again. 

We were now 15 minutes late, I was burning up, Jimmy was smug and I was mady. Not a great combo. I managed to calm down a bit just before our lovely stenographer called us through. Our stenographer was truly adorable, he made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in the room.  He talked through what he was doing and asked if we would like to know the sex. As soon as he started to scan my belly he said "osh, hows your bladder?!" I said "awful, it's the first time I have struggled with it today." He pointed out that this was because the baby's head was down pressing on my bladder and the feet were in my ribs. 

The baby was in a really awkward position and I had to lay on my side, then my other side, then push my bum in the air to try to get the baby to move. He took loads of measurements and always talked us through what each part was. He then asked again "are you wanting to find out the sex of baby?" This was it, the big moment Jimmy and I had been waiting for. "It's a boy" I shed a little tear of joy and I could see Jimmy was welling up a bit. Jimmy said "where am I looking? are you sure?" The stenographer laughed and pointed to the screen "your looking there... at the willy!" 

We managed to get some photos but they weren't overly clear due to Mr awkward pants wriggling around and settling in weird positions. We did get one glorious one, where he looks like he is rocking out. The stenographer said he was the most challenging baby he had done all day, and he does around 25 in one shift! He also said that the baby has got long legs. We went for a Nando's after the scan (I'm in need of spicy food at the minute) and the baby kicked all the way through me eating, I'm guessing he liked it! 

Rock fist in the air, loving it!

Jimmy barely paused for breath on the way home listing all the things he is going to do with "his little mate" and it dawned on me that I am going to have to be the un-fun mum. The one that says "don't run too close to the river" or "don't eat that un-identified berry" and so on. I will now be dealing with two Jimmy's but I can't wait and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Your baby is so cute! Love the pose - the ones being a bit of a pickle are the best kind, it shows they have personality! x