Friday, 5 September 2014

Week 20 of Pregnancy

I am now half way through my pregnancy and can't believe how fast it has gone and how big my bump is now. My baby is now the roughly the size of a banana and is around 25.6cm from crown to heel (they change the measurements from crown to rump to crown to heel at 20 weeks). 

I am now back to loving my food again especially spicy food, I have some West Indian hot sauce that I keep chucking in everything I cook from spaghetti bolognese to goulash. I am also eating larger potions again and this week I have been finishing my meals rather than passing my half eaten dinner to Jimmy to finish off. 

Week 20

I feel like my bump has grown a lot this week and wish I had taken bump pictures from the beginning of my pregnancy to show the difference between weeks. Little Squish has been kicking loads and I have felt him up in my ribs a few times which is not pleasant. It sometimes feels like I have a mini Mike Tyson in there giving my organs a run for their money. It normally wears off after a little walk or I sometimes have to get in weird positions to try to make baby move down. I am really starting to enjoy my pregnancy now although I am still waiting for my 'glow'. Not convinced it's coming anytime soon! 

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