Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Pregnancy Truths #2 Sore Boobs.

I thought I would start a truthful series of things I have experienced while being pregnant. These posts are simply my experience and are not researched or applicable to all pregnancies. Please feel free to comment if your experiences are different to mine or if you want to simply share your pregnancy experiences.

I first suspected I was pregnant because of two symptoms; 
1) Sickness and terrible nausea
2) Sore boobs

The second symptom seems mild and barely worth mentioning but I am here to tell you this is simply not the case. I have big boobs, like really big. I was a tiny 28 B cup one day then BAM! I turned 19 and they just appeared, from nowhere. Enormous DD's (and then some). I was living away at the time and when I went home to visit my mum she genuinely asked me if I had a boob job while I was away. They gradually got bigger and I was at a size 36E pre pregnancy, considering that I am only 5'4 I reckon that is good going! I have no idea what size I am currently as I need to go and get fitted but just haven't gotten around to it yet, I dread to think.

I am not ashamed of my boobs nor do I get them out at a drop of a hat. They are just there and I have learnt to live with 'the girls'. I did fall out with with them during my first trimester though. I remember once taking my bra of and feeling as if my entire boob was bruised and I had to hold them up (gravity was not my friend) to stop the pain. I would wake up at night because they hurt when I turned over, I tried wearing a bra in bed but just couldn't. It sounds daft but they really did hurt, a lot! They got even bigger and finally stopped aching around 12-13 weeks. 

It makes me laugh when people say "I can't see my feet because of my bump." I think aw that's cute, I cant see my bump because of my boobs. I am just praying they go back down to pre-pregnancy size or I will look ridiculous. I am honestly surprised I have not suffered severe back pain, just from the sheer weight of them. So if you are reading this and you are pregnant with already big boobs, I get it, I can sympathise and I 100% feel your pain! 

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