Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tesco Online Shopping: 8 Reasons I love it!

I don't drive and my nearest supermarket is a 20 minute walk away. I also have a partner who despises shopping of any kind especially grocery and Christmas shopping. Trying to do a weekly shop with him is an absolute nightmare. So I either have to walk back with my weekly shop (never going to happen), get an extortionate taxi home, go with Jimmy and argue all the way around, or do it all online. Needless to say online shopping wins every time. 

Reasons I love online shopping;

1) Jimmy wandering off. I will be chatting to him about what cereal he wants, I turn to grab a box off the shelf and like magic he has disappeared. He NEVER lets me know where he has gone or what he is getting. This usually results in two of everything in the trolly, spending time putting it all back and me sauntering around for ages trying to find him. It drives me CRAZY! Online shopping eliminates all of the above.

2) Jimmy getting bored and wanting to go home. Saying things like "Can't we just get stuff for tonight and come back another time?" No! No, is the answer we are doing a weekly shop, why would you want to come back another day and re-live this hell? An online shop is a one stop shop. 

3) Jimmy impulse buying crap. Crap like tinned hotdogs, beer, ice cream etc. He is terrible and much worse than I am at impulse buying. Online I make the list and only get from that list, saving money and my waistline!

4) Meal planning. I plan out our weekly meals, work out what we already have and what we need. Then buy it. Jimmy has no opinion on what we eat. Whenever I ask him what he fancies he replies with "I'm not bothered." Great, then why should I bother cooking then? Again this drives me mad and when online shopping I organise what I want to eat and he just goes with the flow. Argument avoided. 

5) Vouchers. When online shopping I always end up using my vouchers resulting in either extra points or money off. In store at the checkout I am normally too harassed and busy trying not to rip the face of the girl thats just bounced my carefully picked non-bruised apples down to the packing area to remember to get my vouchers out. Jimmy normally stands gormlessly while I end up roughly shoving my carefully picked items in to bags. Online you check a tick box to use your vouchers and your shopping is already packed, bonus!

6) £1 delivery slots. For the sake of a quid I can save my relationship the trauma of the weekly shop and avoid snappy arguments. I was more than happy to pay the fee when it was £3 but don't tell Tesco that!

7) 1 Hour delivery slots. No need to wait around all day it only takes an hour of your time. It would probably take that to get around the dreaded new layout of the store and find everything you need anyway. 

8) The App. I am practically glued to my iPhone and always shop online on my Tesco App. When we almost run out of something I immediately add it to my list so nothing ever gets missed off. It saves your basket and you can go back to it as and when. It also tracks how much you have spent so you can manage your money easily. I manage to do our weekly shop for both of us for around £60 a week. I reckon thats pretty good going considering I live with a male hoover.

Essentially shopping with my boyfriend is like shopping with a toddler. An all round horrific experience. Online shopping alleviates all my weekly shop issues and I love it. I have never had any terrible substitutes and the fresh fruit and veg are always what I would pick myself. The only criticism I have is about the fresh meat. I am fairly simple and get confused when buying meat in weight, I just wish there were more set priced joints and cuts of meat to avoid me buying practically a whole pig instead of a pork loin joint. That being said it is still worth it!

This is not a sponsored post I just love Tesco online shopping!

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  1. I love online shopping but I've recently found that Tesco and Sainsburys don't have a lot of their value ranges online, forcing me to buy more expensive options. I hate that! x