Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumn Walk: Beacon Hill

Over the weekend Jimmy and I went for a walk up Beacon Hill. This is one of favourite outdoorsy places and somewhere I am excited to spend lots of time with Squish when he arrives. There is loads to do here, there is a creepy labyrinth, a play area, livestock, a pathway around the country park and wood carvings scattered around. 

I thought I would dust off my 'big' camera and try to get some Autumnal shots, I just love the colours Autumn brings and it was a gorgeous sunny day with a very brisk wind, especially at the top of the hill! We generally start off by 'off roading' it a bit but make our way to the path when it starts to get a bit steeper. 

Me wellies!
Off roading
Cheeky selfie
One of the many wooden carvings.
Jimmy's great photography of me, very flattering!

It's a bit windy, I hang on to Jimmy at one point for fear of being blown over!
At the very top you get gorgeous 360 degree views.
Old man Beacon, this rock formation is supposed to look like the side profile of man's face.
Squish's first Beacon experience.