Thursday, 23 October 2014

Week 27 of Pregnancy

This week baby boy is roughly 36cm long and weighing in at around 875g. He is now about the size of the head of a cauliflower. 

This week I have noticed that I am becoming short of breath very quickly and it is taking much more effort to get about. I will have to start leaving the house earlier to get to places on time. Even a quick walk around town leaves me feeling shattered and like I need a nap. I have had an afternoon nap nearly every day this week. 

In my bump update picture this week I have a guest, a very disinterested looking Elvie. She does not look impressed! This week I think the baby has been getting hiccups, it feel so strange but comforting at the same time. I love feeling him move and it always reassures me when I get a big kick. 

I think it's almost time to invest in some shares with Rennies as I am ploughing through them this week and even had to take one in the middle of the night the other day. It's manageable for now, but if it gets worse I'll have to resort to other types of relief (all suggestions are welcome). Right well that's all from me, I'm off for a nap.