Friday, 17 October 2014

Week 25/26 Midwife Appointment

On Wednesday I had my midwife appointment, it's the first time I seen my designated m/w since my initial 10 week appointment as she was ill for the last one. I really like my midwife, she is really friendly, gives loads of information without rushing through things and asks me lots of questions about general stuff. She is fairly easy going and relaxed which suits me down to the ground. I would not get on with the matron, rolly eye type at all. 

This appointment was a lovely one, no needles or nasty things happened. She took my blood pressure which she said was great and checked my urine. She sent off my sample because I had a little protein in it but she said as I was suffering no symptoms it was probably due to dehydration, so I am not too worried. 

She then measured my bump which is currently 26cm from the top to my pubic bone. It was funny actually she asked if she could touch my tummy to locate baby and after she found what position he was in she gave me a little poke 'down there' She said after, I'm just locating your pubic bone. I had to chuckle as I thought that's a little south of my belly! She said that your bump should be as many cm as you are weeks along and I am spot on, which is great. What is not so great is that eventually my bump will be 40cm! I am already huge and my mum keeps saying I'm going to look like a ginger teletubby! 

Jimmy and I were able to hear our son's heartbeat, although it took a while to find which was immediately terrifying. She probably only took 20 seconds to find the heartbeat if that but they were the longest 20 seconds of my life! Our little one has a strong and healthy heartbeat which is aways good to know. 

I was told I should get a whooping cough vaccination and a flu jab. You can't have the whooping cough one until you are 28 weeks pregnant so I will book them both in for the same day. These will probably have to wait until I'm 29 weeks because I having my blood taken at 28 weeks and I bruise up really bad so will need to wait a while for it to calm down. This is what happened last time I had a blood test...

Looks a bit like the Batman symbol doesn't it? We toyed with idea of naming our boy Bruce for a while after this. So even though this one was a lovely appointment I've got lots of injections and needles coming my way. I'm not phobic or anything, I don't actually mind once I'm having it done, I just wind myself up about it before hand and hate the bruising afterwards, I'm such a peach!