Thursday, 16 October 2014

Week 26 of Pregnancy

This week my little boy is about 36cm long and is weighing in at around 750g. He is now as long as a courgette. Courgettes always make me laugh and remind me of a housemate from Uni. We were all out to dinner one night and when our meals arrived he exclaimed loudly in his thick Irish accent "go-away, they've only gone and cooked a cucumber!" To this day I laugh every time I see a courgette. 

My strong boy is wiggling lots and I am trying to remember to chat to him. I read him a story the other day, one of my childhood faves Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. I felt a bit daft but then the cat was sat watching me, so I read it to her too and that made me feel a bit more normal. I am not too sure she enjoyed the final gift the zoo sent, but I won't spoil the surprise for those who haven't read it yet!

I have still had no cravings and I am thinking of making up some mad stuff for when people ask me, like peanut-butter and sausage sarnies or something as bizarre. I am yet to receive anything from the stretch mark fairy but thats fine with me, she can keep her distance! 


  1. I never understood what the deal was with baby-vegetable comparisons, lol! x

    1. My partner thinks they should compare baby sizes to everyday items like DVD's lol! x