Wednesday, 12 November 2014

28 Week Midwife Appointment

Last week I went along to my midwife appointment which I was dreading a little bit. I was being a bit of a wuss because I knew she ha to take my bloods this time and she left me with a whacking big bruise last time. Imagine my horror when I arrive to my appointment to see a trainee midwife (I'm sure I've mentioned my crap veins before?). Now I fully understand that everyone has to learn but I just imagined my arm to be left a swollen bruised up mess.

The appointment started off as usual, half an hour late and with questions like "is baby moving regularly?" "how are you feeling?" and "have you got your pot of wee for me?" My midwife always says I'm looking well but I reckon she says that to all us preggos! I had my blood pressure taken which was fine and my sample was also ok. My midwife listened to baby's heartbeat which was "loud and proud" I always panic a bit if she struggles to find it but she got it straight away this time. 

She measured my bump and I am currently measuring 1cm over. She said this it not a problem yet and nothing to worry about unless I am 3cm over. I forgot to ask what happens if I am 3cm over though, durh! I asked if I could hop on the scales as mine are 100% useless, I have gained 1 stone and 1.5lbs (or 7kgs) which I am pretty chuffed about. I thought it would be loads more as I feel huge! She said the average weight to put on is around 2 stone but she had one lady gain 6 stone! I'm guessing she had lots of fun and just went for it, good on her! I am not too hung up on my weight, but I had gained a ton of weight before I fell pregnant, so I may struggle to loose it all when baby comes. I guess I'll deal with that when the time is right. Its not like I am going to hit the gym the second the baby is out, I understand that it takes ages to shift baby weight. 

Then it came to taking blood, my midwife informed me that her 'helper' will be doing that for me today and was that alright? "Of course" I said inside I was screaming "WHY ME?" It turns out I had no reason to worry at all. She got the vein straight away and got my blood first try with NO bruising! I was well impressed. 

After my appointment I went to reception to book my flu jab and whooping cough. Thinking I had about a week until my next appointment she stunned me with "I have one in 20 minutes?" bloody hell! I was a bit unsure and said "Oh, I've just had my blood done" she replied with "yeah, so? thats taking it out, this is putting it in" So I took the appointment after being made to feel like a bit of a wimp. 

I popped to the shop to buy some cake and returned just in time for my appointment. I was straight it with the sister nurse who didn't mess about. After a very quick chat she shoved the flu jab into my upper arm at lightening speed and then the whooping cough in my other arm. They stung a bit but then she told me I had just had the same dose my baby will have at 8 weeks and I stopped whinging. She said "your arm will be a bit sore" I asked "which one" she smiled at me and said "probably both" brilliant. She explained I might get flu like symptoms but that was normal. 

I left the surgery feeling a bit shocked and sorry for myself but glad it was all over. At least now I didn't have time to get myself wound up about more injections. I had no bruising at all from my blood test but both my arms felt tender at the injection spot, which made it difficult to sleep for a couple of nights. Luckily I had no major flu symptoms, I just felt a little run down but nothing the sofa and a blanket couldn't fix. I am in again at 31 and a bit weeks but have no idea what goes on in that appointment. After the last one, I am not too worried.