Thursday, 13 November 2014

Week 30 of Pregnancy

Wow, week 30 and only 10 in theory to go! It's all getting very exciting now. I am absolutely loving our Parent Craft classes and they are calming me down about the birthing process. I am enjoying having all the information which will enable me to make informed choices about my birth. I do not have a strict birth plan, I am going into this with an open mind and not ruling anything out (except a home-birth). My baby now weighs around 3lbs and is roughly 39 cm long. He is about the size of a large cabbage. No wonder I need to pee all the time! 

I was at the midwife last week and I have gained 1 stone 1 1/2 pounds. I am happy with this weight gain so far in my pregnancy, especially when she told me about a lady who put on 6 stone! I have no stretch marks yet but I am still expecting them to come. Baby is super active and hiccups all the time. He likes to perform a little dance for me at about 11 o'clock at night just as I am trying to go to sleep, he wakes me up at about 5 am for a matinĂ©e. I always get up in the night to pee and stop at every available toilet opportunity when I am out and about. 

It feels so strange that I only have 10 weeks left and then I will be a Mum! The countdown is well and truly on I can't wait to meet my little boy for the very first time! 

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