Thursday, 27 November 2014

Week 32 of Pregnancy

Only 8 weeks to go! It's all getting very real now and the countdown is well and truly on. Baby boy is now about 1.7kgs (3.7lbs) and 42cm long. According to the internet the baby is now roughly the size of a squash, which looks a lot like a mini pumpkin to me. I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable with these large veggie comparisons. I much preferred the apple sized ones! 

Late last week I found my first stretch mark and now I have a small cluster of about 4 small ones on the left hand side of my belly. I'm not too bothered about them at the minute, they are fairly pale and are short for now. I've had the odd stretch mark before after gaining weight and they have always practically disappeared when I have lost weight again, so fingers crossed these ones will do the same. 

I've started to struggle to sleep this week and can't remember the last time I had a nights sleep that was undisturbed. I guess it's all good practice for night feeds and sleepless nights when the baby comes. I'm getting good at power napping in the afternoon on the sofa, I'm sure that skill will come in handy. I've still had no cravings so I'm guessing that they have passed me by, I don't think I can count chocolate and sweets as cravings. 

This week the midwife put me on iron tablets because I'm borderline anaemic so hopefully they will kick in and I won't be as tired all the time and breathless doing daft stuff like hoovering. I just my aliments down to being pregnant but it's good to know that I will start to feel better when the iron starts to work, it will be great to have a bit more energy on the run up to Christmas. Speaking of which I better crack on get some gift lists sorted so I know what I'm doing, I don't want baby brain to take over!

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