Thursday, 11 December 2014

Week 33 and 34 of Pregnancy

I've missed a week! I've been such a rubbish blogger recently although I have been rather busy as well as a bit lazy! I have recently had my Mum over to visit for the weekend, which was absolutely lovely. We went to Nottingham Christmas Markets and it was great to catch up properly. She lives about a 2 hour drive away so even though we speak loads on the phone we don't get to see each other enough.

I have also caught up with my best friend who is 7 days ahead of me in her pregnancy. We met up in Lincoln and went around the huge Christmas Market there (I'm not addicted to Christmas Markets I swear!) I haven't seen her or her husband since I was 8 weeks pregnant so we did loads of catching up. 

Since my last post I have also decorated the house ready for Christmas and have spent a fair bit of time keeping my cat Elvie from destroying my tree! Im pretty much ready for Christmas and only need to get a few little stocking fillers and bits and bobs.

Right back to the post in hand, baby boy is now 45cm long and weighs about 4.8lbs! That just seems so heavy at this stage. He is now about the same size as a cantaloupe melon. I can not believe this baby will be here in about 6 weeks. I've been thinking lots about my hospital bag, what I need to pack and what's left to buy. When I start to pack I'll write a post about what I'm putting in there. 

With Christmas coming I have been concentrating on getting all the presents and food ready and baby stuff has taken a little bit of a back seat. We have a list of things we need 100% before the baby arrives and we will be woking on that in early January, it's only daft little bits that we need as we are almost set up and ready to go but we will just feel better if we get the list sorted. 

I am feeling massive at the minute but the midwife has reassured me that I am measuring well for where I am at in my pregnancy. She has put me on one Iron tablet a day because I was borderline anaemic last time I had my blood taken. I am getting on with them alright but they don't really 'help things along' without being too graphic! Getting around is taking more and more time, I am a little uncomfortable when standing around for a while but I'm fine to walk around, as long as it is at my own snail pace, something my 6ft2" fella isnt really getting used to with his massive strides! 

Apart from that all seems to be going well, I am still getting used to the idea that next year we will be celebrating our first Christmas as a little family, I'm getting excited about starting up our own traditions and seeing our little ones face when Christmas comes around. 

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