Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014

My 2104 has been a hectic one. I think it's natural at this time of year to reflect on what has happened in the past year and how you want your new year to go. This year has been a particularly busy year, but it has been filled with excitement and life changing events!

Here's a brief run down of the key events that happened in 2014;

  • In April I quit my waitress job to concentrate on my studies and to get away from a toxic boss who's key goal was to make my life miserable. It felt great to get away from her and I'm hoping that was my last ever hospitality job (I'm keeping everything crossed!)
  • In April I also turned 29 over Easter (my birthday was on Good Friday), I was consumed with thoughts of next years big 30 and wondered whether I had made the right decision to continue with my education rather than start a family and buy a house. I always thought I would I have a child by the time I was 30. These thoughts were rapidly pushed aside when my Mum was taken ill and rushed to hospital with a suspected bleed on the brain, we obviously flew up to Grimsby straight away to see her. After a few awful days in hospital and 3, yes THREE lumbar punctures they said they didn't know what was wrong with her and she was dismissed. 
  • In May I completed my PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training. This was one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken. Not only was I exhausted from working 7 days a week for seven and a half months (in placement, studying and at the restaurant) the course was essentially a shambles and no one had a clue what was going on. Despite all this I got through it and I am so glad I did. 
  • At the end of May we sadly lost my Great Grannie, she was 95 and fought to her last breath. She was a strong Yorkshire woman who took no nonsense from anyone. In her last couple of years she lived off sherry, expensive chocolates and cigarettes. Although she had no idea who anyone was or what day of the week it was she could still tell you crystal clear stories about people she did not like. She was a force to be reckoned with and will always be sadly missed. 
  • It was mid June when I discovered I was 7 weeks pregnant. This totally flipped our world upside down and back to front. We were not planning on starting a family so it was a big surprise. Before our first baby we had planned to buy our first house together, I wanted to learn how to drive and get a secure job. But life has a funny way of working out and now none of those things seem to matter. We can't wait until the arrival of our son and are counting down the last 3 and bit weeks!
  • From July to October I was unemployed for the first time in my adult life. I have worked since I was 17 and it felt awful to have to sign on. Even though it was only for 3 months I felt demoralised and just appalled at the 'service' the job centre provided. You can read all about my job centre experience here
  • In August I started my blog, mainly to keep my sanity and occupy my brain while job searching. I loved it and there was so much to learn. I am still learning about blogging and I have been going through phases where I don't post much, this is something I am working on. My little brother turned 18 in August but unfortunately I couldn't get to him to visit although I sense he is not too bothered, he is pretty happy just chilling with his mates and I think his preggo sister would probably cramp his style! 
  • In November I finally got off benefits and on to my Maternity Allowance. The extra money just before Christmas was a god send and I was trilled to have a touch more financial freedom rather than relying on Jimmy, he didn't mind but I have always been fiercely independent. 
  • December brought the usual stresses like organising whats going on and getting all the presents and the food sorted. This distracted me a little from the fact I have a baby coming in a matter of weeks. The end of December has brought a little panic that we are not fully ready for our new arrival. We have a small list of little bits to get (just a few bottles, thermometer, muslins, a dimmer switch and a lamp shade) which we are organising this weekend. I'm sure there will be stuff we have forgotten that we will have to go and get as and when we need it but I am fairly confident that we will be ok for the first couple of weeks.