Thursday, 18 December 2014

Week 35 of Pregnancy

Can time just slow down a little bit please? I can't believe that potentially in only 5 weeks (and definitely in 6 weeks 3 days if I go overdue by 10 days) our little boy will be here with us! My pregnancy has absolutely just flown by and I can't wait to see my son's little face for the first time. By now our baby boy is 47cm long and weighs around 5lbs, no wonder I am starting to feel uncomfortable and breathless. Our boy is now roughly the size of a honey dew melon. 

I am starting to have some difficultly sleeping as I wake up with acing and sore hips, I've tried the old pillow in-between the knees trick but then I tend to find I get hot and annoyed with it. I find the best thing to do is get up and have a little walk about, even if it's just to the loo and back and have a stretch. We have got a big swiss ball so if I get a sore back or hips I sit and have a roll on that which takes the pain off a bit. 

I have started to get my hospital stuff ready this week, so far I have miniature shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant. I love these little miniatures and always think they are so cute. I've been to Primarni and got myself 3 nighties that are three sizes bigger than I would normally buy because I wanted them to be baggy and long enough to cover my ever expanding bum, some slippers with a good grip on the bottom (I'm guessing slipping even a tiny bit after birth is not what you need) and some massive full brief pants. I must confess I have not worn full knickers since I was in school so they feel very strange. I am now on the hunt for a dressing gown that is not as thick as polar bear fur as the hospital is going to be horrendously hot (they always are). I have got a massive towel that I am packing because I have been warned NHS towels are useless and tiny. 

It has been a very full on couple of weeks with Christmas coming, getting everything sorted for that and also getting all our baby stuff ready. I've washed all our newborn and up to 1 month baby clothes in non bio washing stuff ready for our little ones arrival. I am praying that we have a baby that is around 6lbs because we have bought loads of newborn stuff and not many up to 1 month sleepsuits and vests. After Christmas we will do a 'baby shop' and get a load in, I love Sainsbury's sleepsuits because they have the little built in scratch mits in them, they are cute and reasonably priced. 

I have now got three stretch marks on the left side of my tummy that looks like a big cat scratch, and some little ones starting to show on the right side. I am not too worried about them, it's all part of being a mother and it's not as if I walk around in crop tops every day. I can't believe my next pregnancy update will be after Christmas! Where does the time go? 

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