Saturday, 20 December 2014

Elvie's Christmas Dress Up

Yes I am that cruel and mean that I like to dress up my cat Elvie. It began last year with a santa hat when she was just a kitten. 

I mean come on! How gorgeous does she look? What you can't see in this photo is her sulking behind the TV for 20 minutes afterwards. 

This year I was on the hunt for an elf costume for her, it seems that they don't really make outfits for cats and sell them on the high street, but they do make them for small dogs. I found a perfect outfit at Peacocks and I had to have it for Elvie. I got the size for small dogs and wondered if it would fit her. 

Not only did it fit, it looked so cute! She looked like Santa's little helper and she wore it proudly! Well, it did take me about 20 minutes to get some good pictures of her because she kept running around. 

This is definitely a tradition that I want to carry on, I'm thinking next year she would make a good angel or reindeer. Bless her she is very patient with her bonkers owners!