Friday, 30 January 2015

Funny Stuff Jimmy Does/Says #2

With no sign of my son making his entrance into the world any time soon I thought I would write this post to cheer myself up a bit. I wrote the first post about my loveable boyfriend Jimmy and his hilarious and sometimes highly inappropriate moments (or Jimmyisms as I call them) back in August which you can read here. I have been keeping note of some of the daft stuff he has said or done since then for part 2 of this series. 

1) When I was complaining about the taste of Bonjela when I had an ulcer "I love Bonjela, I could eat it on sandwiches!" I was so tempted to go and make him a Bonjela sarnie, but knowing him he would bloody eat it!

2) "I like these Aldi crisps, they don't taste like anything, you can eat loads" My fella is not a foodie, in any sense. He is a man of simple tastes. 

3) "Bloody hell, with your hormones it's like living with a teenager" Not the brightest thing to say to a heavily pregnant woman. 

4) "Awww your belly is all fury like a kiwi" Thanks love, pregnant woman need to hear things like that to make them feel even more like shit about themselves. 

5) "Why is everywhere so busy today? Is it the school run?" No sweetheart, it's the day before Christmas Eve, face-palm.

6) "Do you want me to take over cleaning the floor? I'll look like a right knob head if you go into labour doing that" Brilliant, he is so caring and helpful!

7) When I was saying that I wasn't too bothered about my increasing stretch marks "You should be bothered, if you get many more your stomach will look like raspberry ripple ice cream" Well what a twat! He was obviously joking but I could have slapped him, looking back I think I probably did. 

8) Jimmy - "Claire, when you loose your mucus plug, please don't show it to me"
     Me - "Why on earth would I do that?"
    Jimmy - "Thats the sort of gross thing you would do because you think it's funny!" 

Yes my sense of humour can be pretty gross but I think that would be crossing the line, I did however Google image 'mucus plug' and sent him a picture of one via Whatsapp and found it hilarious when he went a bit green hahaha! 

I am sure that there have been more Jimmyisms that I have forgotten about but the above are some of his highlights, bless him. I wouldn't change him for the world! 

Stay tuned for Funny Shit Jimmy Does/Says #3, I'm sure it will be a good one with a newborn on his way!