Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Week 41 of Pregnancy

Yep I'm still pregnant, nope not had the baby yet, yep I've tried that! 

So here we are week 41, I must say that I am not surprised, I've been so desperate to meet my son I was bound to go loads over. I saw my midwife yesterday at home and we did the normal stuff (blood pressure, measuring, baby's heartbeat and urine etc). All seems fine, I am measuring 37cm so baby has moved down more and I've lost 3cm off my bump over the last week. I wouldn't have guessed it though, I still feel massive! 

I opted to go ahead for a cervix sweep, to see how things are going and to try to get things moving along a bit. I must say that it was not pleasant, not in the slightest but this was because my cervix was high, hard and only open 1/2 a cm. I thought the poor midwife was going to loose her watch at one point! I did have a bit of pain but it was over pretty quickly and I felt fine immediately after she had finished. She did rummage around a bit while she was 'up there' and I was hoping that she agitated my cervix and woke it up a bit to get it working and ready for labour. 

To be on on the safe side the midwife has booked me in for induction on Tuesday 3rd of February when I will be 40+12 (12 days overdue). The more the midwife told me about the induction the more I really didn't like the sound of it all. She explained that I was to prepare myself for a long drawn out process that could last up to 3/4 days and if it were any shorter it would be a bonus. Brilliant.

I have pretty much lost all hope of an early labour at home and then in to the hospital for the last stage. I think it's more likely that I will be labouring in a ward with 4-6 other fed up Mum to be's strapped to a monitor for days. It's lucky I didn't have my heart set on a water birth or a home birth otherwise I would be severely disappointed. Instead I would say that I'm just a bit miffed that I'll potentially be in hospital for days, which isnt so bad in the grand scheme of things. I am just focusing on the fact that very soon (even in the worst case situation) I will have my newborn son in my arms and my life as a new Mum will begin.