Thursday, 15 January 2015

Week 39 of Pregnancy

Last week my app stopped telling me how long and how much my baby weighs. I am kind of pleased about this as I was starting to freak out about having a huuuuge baby (Jimmy is 6ft 2" ish and I've already been told baby has VERY long legs!) My app however tells me that my baby is now the size of a small watermelon! Bloody hell! Well at least he won't be totally round and easier to push out than a watermelon! 

This week I've not slept great, I've been waking up with sore hips and lower back every couple of hours. I guess this broken sleep is somehow preparing me for when baby comes and wakes me up at all hours. I've been cat napping on the sofa in the afternoon so I'm feeling pretty chipper. It feels like baby has become more engaged because I'm feeling more pressure further down my bump. I hoping that next week at the midwife he will be fully engaged and ready to go. 

My skins gone a bit mental this week but I think thats because I've been stuffing my face with chocolate every day! I've been sorting the house this week, scrubbing the carpet and the grout in between the tiles in bathroom. I must be feathering my nest, although I'm fully aware it will be a bomb site when we bring the little man home. I've not been too uncomfortable during the day just a bit mardy now and then. I'm getting so excited to meet my little boy and perhaps a little impatient now but like everyone says he'll come when he's ready! x