Thursday, 22 January 2015

Week 40 of Pregnancy

Warning I'm a bit of a grumpy preggo at the moment. I've hit full blown mardy-ness! I've been really uncomfortable this week, I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting in my pelvis but no signs of baby boy yet. I am praying that I don't go two weeks over, I'm not sure I can handle it. Each movement baby makes is pretty uncomfortable, he kicked me the other day so hard and I was almost sick lol!

I think a big part of my mardy-ness is down to sheer boredom. I feel like I'm waiting at home all day for a delivery that never turns up. We all know how this feels and it's frustrating. I was at the midwife this week and I am measuring fine and my blood pressure is all ok. My sample has come back clear from my last appointment so all is well. The midwife has booked me in for a cervix next Wednesday (28th) morning at home, which is something to look forward too... not. I am hoping that baby comes before then, I am probably being a big baby but I heard sweeps are pretty uncomfortable/painful but it will be over in a matter of minutes and will let me know what my cervix is doing, which is always good to know. 

So there you have it not much to report, I will be trying al sorts to encourage little one along but don't think any of it really works, it's just something to keep you occupied while you pull your hair out waiting. I've stocked up on raspberry leaf tea, plan on having a spicy curry, hot baths and long walks, so we will see. Hopefully my next post will be announcing my newborn Son!


  1. The last few weeks of pregnancy drag, don't they? I'm 37 weeks on Thursday and already getting impatient.

    Hopefully you'll have gone into natural labour before the sweep but if not, you don't feel a thing and it's over in a flash.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Kirsty, I must admit I'm struggling to fill my days at the minute. I should be enjoying having some time to myself before baby gets here I guess xxx