Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pregnancy Hormones: I'm either going to cry or rip your face clean off!

As the title suggests this post is about my struggle with pregnancy hormones. I always knew I would struggle and have said that I knew I would be a bitch while pregnant. This is due to suffering from terrible PMS since my periods began. Some people get weepy, tired, cramps or headaches. Not me I get mean, nasty, snappy and basically evil. My PMS even gained me a nickname at university. I lived with three lads which would call me the red dragon (I am a red head) whenever it was my 'time'. I only discovered this after living with them for three years! When I found out I was mortified and found it kinda funny all the same time. 

It's awful and sometimes I know why I'm being a bitch but most of the time I am just oblivious to the whole thing. I said before that I suffer from PMS but I don't think that is a fair statement. It is Jimmy who suffers not me. For example there is the saga of wrong milk. Jimmy popped out to pick up some milk, now I have told him several times to get the kind that stays fresh for 7 days after opening. He never has, not once. This time was the same as before, instead this time I didn't just sigh and let it go. I got really angry and upset about it and ended up screaming and shouting about how he never listens to anything I say and how I don't know why I bother bla bla bla. I 100% understand that this is irrational, of course it is. It's milk, but I just can't control myself at the moment. I am only 18 weeks pregnant, god help him when I am in my third trimester and I have no energy and can barely move. 

The problem is I struggle to talk about how I am feeling because I am so over the place. I feel like a mess. I have sat and cried over nothing and get frustrated over the slightest things. Jimmy doesn't help by saying things like "wow bad hormone day?" or "why are you being so mental?" 

Rules of hormones;
1) Don't talk about them, act like they don't exist (don't ask me why)
2) Try to understand that we don't like feeling this way
3) We have no control of them and that sucks
4) Try to be patient
5) Smile and try to make us laugh

Have you had any arguments over little things while pregnant? Let me know I'm not the only crazy one by commenting below!